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Our ApproachCandidate Driven

Finding a role you are interested in, that matches your skillset and career vision, takes time and effort. Even then, identifying a potential position is only half the battle. You need to get in front of the decision-maker so that you can both make an informed decision about whether you are the right fit. That’s where Globetec Solutions Group steps in.

We work exclusively within IT Services, Technology & Consulting and have specialist knowledge of a wide range of industries looking for talent within these fields. You can feel confident that we understand what you do and where you fit within your sector, as well as where you want to go and what is important to you in a new company.

We have spent years cultivating relationships with global businesses across a number of sectors, advising them on recruitment strategy and salary benchmarking. We will match you to companies that suit your needs but in which we also believe you will thrive. Our clients trust us to find them the right person. You can trust us to find you the right company.

We conduct our business sensitively and in line with our customer charter.

Customer Charter


We will…

Treat all communications, written and verbal, in strict confidence, seeking permission before sharing any information provided.

Place honesty and integrity above all else so that you can trust us.

Conduct a thorough interview with candidates to establish the key needs, drivers and motivators

Only present relevant, suitable opportunities so as not to waste client or candidate time.

Keep you informed and provide honest feedback

Support you with advice and insights to help you make informed decisions about your next career move.

Diversity & Inclusion

More and more workplaces are recognising the need to improve diversity and culture within the workplace.  By engaging with, interviewing and hiring individuals across a diverse range of backgrounds, regardless of their gender, culture, age, religion etc, you not only broaden skill sets within your company, you offer increased cultural awareness to your existing employees and, as research shows, produce more revenue.

But it is not as simple as just opening the door and waiting for a more diverse workforce to arrive. For decades, without being aware of our reasoning, we have made choices and implemented change without recognising that ‘unconscious bias’ has swayed our decisions. To build a workplace culture¬† that supports equity, diversity and inclusion, leaders need to be willing to step back and assess entire systems, processes, and values within the business.

We help companies work to eradicate unconscious bias, effecting change from the very beginning – the hiring process. We can advise on how to create a more inclusive, dynamic environment and how to attract applicants from a more diverse talent pool.

As recruiters, we also recognise our own role in supporting diversity. That same unconscious bias has affected years of opportunities for underrepresented communities, and we need to work harder to reach diverse talent. EA Search look for more than just skills on paper. We engage with talent from different backgrounds across the globe and look for potential. We nurture talent and channel it to companies so that both client and candidate can thrive.

Businesses have the power to make transformative change by making the workplace more diverse. Hiring the right person is the start of that journey – we can find you the talent, you can unleash its power.

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Copyright Globetec Solutions Group. All rights reserved.

Copyright Globetec Solutions Group. All rights reserved.